A Shrine to Giant Robo, long may he live.

Giant Robo cel pictures! I don't actually own any of these. They are just scans of Giant Robo cels that I've found on the internet. Click on the thumbnail to view the full cel.

from episode 3

from episode 5

from episode 7

from episode 6

from episode 7

from episode 7

from episode 7 from episode 5 (no full size image available)

tiny robodaiScan of Robo and Daisaku from Giant Robo: This is Animation art book (thanks go out to Kelly Davis for this one)

tiny roboGiant Robo as he appears on the U.K. box for episode 6; interesting airbrush job

tiny roboGiant Robo "Day" and "Night"--These I made myself via Adobe Photoshop from a scanned GR soundtrack cover. If they look too dark try punching up the brightness of your monitor a bit. They were intended to be used as website backgrounds.

tiny roboWeirdest picture of Giant Robo on the internet! This skilled artist drew Robo on a destructive rampage.

Giant Robo's enormous hand looks menacing enough, but he is only trying to rescue Daisaku, who is behind a forcefield (hence the lights on Robo's fingertips).(Picture courtesy of Gordon Sutton)

Giant Robo is surely powerful, but what sets him apart from all the other mechas of anime? I'd have to say Robo is one of the smartest robots I've seen. He has great dedication to Daisaku--Obviously, since Daisaku holds the ordinary-seeming wristwatch which commands him, and it is only to Daisaku's voice that Robo will obey.

However, throughout the anime there are several instances when Giant Robo does things that Daisaku did not tell him to do. Examples would be saving Dr. Shizuma from drowning in ep. 2, and punching into the Greta Garbo airship to seize Genya in ep. 5. It's as if Giant Robo actually understands the situation and is trying to help out.

Giant Robo also launches "on its own" to rescue Daisaku at the end of ep. 1. This phenomenon is explained by Chujo, who credits it to Robo's "auto guard circuit" which supposedly alerts Robo when Daisaku is in trouble.

Robo races to Daisaku's rescue.  Those warheads aren't just for show!(Picture courtesy of Gordon Sutton)

At first Uranus' force field kept Giant Robo at bay, but when the Eye of Vogler was activated and the force field went down because of its anti-Shizuma effect, Robo started trashing Uranus (throwing it against a cliff etc.). Ivan and Uranus retreated, but Robo kept blasting away at them, and would only stop when Daisaku yelled (into the watch) for him to cease firing. Afterwards Robo started growling ominously, apparently ticked that someone had actually escaped him.

Daisaku ordered Robo out of personal vengeance, which resulted in disaster for Robo.

Daisaku Kusama, the only one in the world who can command Giant Robo. Robo goes to great lengths to protect him... In episode 3 Daisaku orders Robo to attack the Eye of Vogler. He did this because of his personal hatred of Dr. VonVogler, which blinded him to the fact that... Robo is not invincible.

Robo loses an arm. Robo's eyes are leaking...

Giant Robo was damaged. Why did Robo "cry"? Robo takes some nasty punishment in the anime, such as the slash on his chest from GR2 and what happened to his face in episode 7. But this time, in addition to being damaged, Robo deactivates and won't even respond to Daisaku's pleas. What was different about this incident? I think that when Daisaku ordered Giant Robo in anger and without thinking first, he was doing something that he just shouldn't have done. I believe that when Robo cried, it wasn't only because of the damage; he was crying for Daisaku's sake, since he saw what Daisaku was becoming like.

Robo fell and couldn't get back up again. He didn't seem to have the will to. The "trust" between them was weakened, but it was still there; it just needed to be reinstated. Daisaku thought about his friends in the Experts of Justice. "I was waging my own one-person war without realizing others were there to help me." At Taisou's encouragement, he talked to Robo through the watch about his friends, how everyone pulls together for one another, and that from now on, he and Robo were a team.

Finally, Giant Robo rose again, and flew back to Daisaku. "Remember, you don't command Robo, you fight with him, side by side," Taisou said. Pretty deep, for a machine.

The boy and the robot, ep. 3 The watch, ep. 5 Memories of his father, ep. 5 Have courage, ep. 7
"Why must Robo be sealed?
He's protected us this far."
Daisaku is given great
power and responsibility.
The connection between Robo
and Daisaku's daddy.
"Give me the strength to make
the right choices, Father."

Click here to see a picture of a scale model of Robo I found. I don't know where to buy it, sorry.

Splashpagecomics sold little 5" statuettes of Giant Robo. I purchased this one and took these pictures of it: 1 2 3 4

He's a very nice robot... so long as you leave the kid alone...

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