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Download some of the memorable sayings heard in Giant Robo.
Most of these recordings courtesy of Gordon Sutton and DarkVegito.

Big Fire salute (37k)
Daisaku: "Crush them now, Giant Robo!" (19k)
Daisaku: "I'm gonna show the world a kid can beat Big Fire!" (70k)
Giant Robo's grunt (24k)
Chujo: "You're a punk!" (45k)
Professor Go: "Iron Fan Defense!" (46k)
Dr. Von Vogler talking about the role of scientists (87.7k)
Dr. Vogler laughing (74k)
Alberto: "Damn it, you're annoying!" (78k)
Alberto uses some colorful expletives (102k)
Cervantes: "We're not playing a game here, punk." (24.2k)
Fitzkarald: "Mah fingers were gettin' sore." (20k)
Kenji: "Monsieur Go, what is going on?" (32k)
Kenji: "I'm just an immortal kind of guy." (41.7k)
Genya: "I'll make sure you die this time bastard!" (27k)
A grand speech by Genya (628k)
"We are the Kempu Clan!" from episode 6 (137k)
"We are the Kempu Clan!" from episode 7 (131k)

Zipped music files...

These are zipped .wav or mp2 files (mp2 and mp3 files playable with Winamp) from Giant Robo soundtrack CDs. You may have to type in the file extension ".zip" if it gets cut off during download. After you do this the file should open fine.

noteGiant Robo OST 7 track 14, ep. 7 (965k) --An mp2 of the entire song. Komei describes the GR Project to the Mag Ten.

noteRobo's Dedication, ep. 2 (593k) --Music that plays when Robo is trying to rescue Daisaku from Ivan.

Giant Robo's theme song, ep. 7 (1.4 MB) --Robo's theme song in full.

noteGiant Robo's intro, ep. 3 (272k) --After being dropped from the Greta Garbo, Robo stretches out to his full height.

noteDestruction of Paris, ep. 1 (928k) --Music that plays when Paris is being devestated by the green fire.

noteUranus' intro, ep. 3 (226k) --Ivan's car transforms into Uranus.

Midi format...

Una Furtiva LagrimaBashtarlle theme

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