Here's what's available, provided by Little Robo.

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tiny roboThe Old Reactor--This is where the big guy himself, Giant Robo waits until he is activated by Daisaku. Contains things related to him directly and my thoughts about his role in the animation. Note: Contains Robo-related spoilers.

tiny daisakuThe Giant Robo Gang--Basic info about all the other characters, including the Magnificent Ten!

tiny ginreiGallery--Screen captures and other interesting GR-related images.

tiny fitzMusic/Sound files--From the series or off of my Giant Robo soundtrack CDs.

tiny bigfireThe GR Project--Mysteries and rumors in the world of Giant Robo.

custom roboJohnny Sokko--Its similarities and differences to the GR anime.

tiny uranusMega Man vs. Giant Robo--Exactly as it sounds.

tiny kenjiLittle Robo's Links--Links to Giant Robo sites and resources.

tiny roboAbout "Little Robo"--Also has a FAQ section.

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