Giant Robo-related sites

Tetsugyu's Giant Robo page--Another great fan site with many pictures and commentary on the series.

Ex. org's review of Giant Robo--An informative review of the series as a whole.

The AnimeArchive--Want GR pictures? This is THE place to go (especially if you like GinRei).

Gary's Giant Robo Page--Some nice big screen captures here from GR episode 1.

ONIcon '98--The Rossman's view of a (ficticious) Giant Robo 8.

Giant Robot screen captures--Johnny Sokko's robot in action.

Anime Scripts--This page has scripts for some of the Giant Robo episodes. They offer a more direct translation than the Manga dubs.

Misc. pages

Andrea Koupal Art--My artwork online.

The Mega Man Homepage--Huge website for all that is Mega Man.

Mr. T, the Toughest Man in Anime--I pity the fool who don't visit this site!

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