Little Robo

A very small Giant Robo and his friends

I found this picture at The Animearchive (mine has been scaled down; the original image is bigger). It's GinRei, Daisaku and... a cute mini version of Giant Robo. For a while I wondered if there really was a little Giant Robo in one of the GinRei parody episodes, but it turned out there wasn't. This is the only image where 'Little Robo' exists, and since I liked it so much I adopted Little Robo as my alias for this site.

Here is a listing of Giant Robo-related stuff that I own. I'm not posting this to show off, but to allow you to inquire about any of the products if you're curious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question for me about Giant Robo or this website, you might find the answer here first.

1. What are the GinRei Special Episodes and where can I find them?
The GinRei Specials are three half-hour "extra" OAV adventures starring GinRei. They were only released in Japan and are thus only available fansubtitled. Admittedly they are very hard to get ahold of. I got mine copied from a friend at college, and I don't know where he found his. Basically the first two episodes are rediculous parodies of the original show, and the third is a side adventure with GinRei and Tetsugyu. Edit: You may be able to find the GinRei specials on DVD now!

2. Would you describe them to me?
Sure, although they must be seen to be believed. The first episode begins with the obligatory GinRei shower scene. Later she and Daisaku chat on the video phone; it seems that being a weakling bothers him and he wants GinRei to teach him how to fight. GinRei agrees and goes to her closet to dress, when she realizes that her favorite China dress is missing. Meanwhile Alberto is also enjoying a shower (and we are treated to a gratuitous shot of Alberto's butt...Is that supposed to be sexy?!) and he gets dressed and goes into a video room, where he looks at slides of GinRei and grumbles about how she foils Big Fire's operations. Next comes a 15-minute show of every Giant Robo scene (up to ep. 4 I think) that had GinRei in it.
After fastforwarding the GinRei slide show we see GinRei has been captured by Lord Alberto. He tells her that BF intends to replace her with a lookalike evil GinRei. The bad GinRei starts to steal GinRei's memories, but then Giant Robo punches through the wall and Daisaku runs in to save her. He sees GinRei nude from the waist down and gets a nosebleed, and then Giant Robo grunts and he gets a nosebleed... GinRei then reveals that she is actually Kenji Murasame in disguise, tosses a bomb and they all escape. As they fly home Kenji tells GinRei that he will buy her a new China dress and they ought to pay him more for these missions. The End.
The second episode is so full of crazy stuff that I can't list it all here. Giant Robo, because of his nuclear power, actually gets sealed away and Daisaku becomes useless to the Experts. Genya invites him to join "Blue Flower" and he makes Daisaku the commander of their giant robots. Blue Flower has also stolen the "GinRei Robo" and GinRei must fight to recover the robot. After receiving a clue from Ivan, she and GinRei Robo attack BF headquarters and square off against Daisaku in what looks like Gigantor. GinRei wins, Daisaku cries and says he's sorry, all is forgiven, and Alberto and Ivan perform Alberto's theme music by humming it. The End. Most of the GinRei Special pictures in the gallery are from this episode.
The third episode goes for drama instead of humor. There are a few funny moments though, such as when Tetsugyu tries to photograph GinRei while she bathes. GinRei and Tetsugyu travel to a remote village where they meet a former BF agent who is trying to reform. He's gruff, but has adopted a boy whose father he killed in a duel. However his BF accomplice, who wants to become the next Magnificent Ten member, lures GinRei and Tetsugyu into a trap and sics the Frankenstein robot against them. The good BF agent fights the bad one and tragically they are both killed. The boy forgives his guardian when he learns he killed his father, and at the end it is suggested that he is mature now, like a rite of passage.

3. What is the opera that plays in the background during the Bashtarlle scenes?
It's called L'Elisir d'Amore and was composed by Gaetano Donizetti. The part heard most often is Una Furtiva Lagrima. (Big thanks to shockingalberto for the info)

4. Is there an 8th Giant Robo episode?
No, at least not to my knowledge.

5. Would you sell me your GR stuff?
Sorry, it's not for sale.

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