Starring our lovely heroine, GinRei GinRei Special Episodes!

These are from the GinRei parody episodes, which are only available fansubbed and are quite hard to come by. This is just a fraction of the unbridled weirdness. Enjoy!

  1. Poor Alberto can't relax even in the shower
  2. Alberto and Ivan (on harmonica) would like to sing you a song
  3. Professor Go getting really close to Chief Chujo...
  4. "Welcome to our Blue Flower Special Concert!"
  5. Daisaku attacks Genya for the third sample... or is it plum soda?
  6. Daisaku... drinking the Shizuma drive!
  7. Daisaku drools on his clothes as Taisou and Youshi stare
  8. If Daisaku says it's as good as beer, it must be as good as beer
  9. Daisaku and Genya... uh...
  10. Look out, he's wearing a plaid shirt!
  11. Daisaku turns in for the night
  12. GinRei wearing a towel and talking to her video phone
  13. The fearsome GinRei Robo is under Blue Flower's control!
  14. The GinRei Robo after transforming
  15. Professor Go blushes as the background shifts to bubbles and roses
  16. The Experts of Justice in a happy/drunken stupor
  17. Members of Blue Flower in alcohol-induced sleep
  18. Even in this insane parody, Kenji Murasame is as suave as ever
  19. Ko-Enshaku aims a spotlight on Genya
  20. Even Ko-Enshaku has to go from time to time
  21. The infamous "Giant Robo has a nosebleed" scene
  22. When you wear those pointy caps, it's harder to drink your sake
  23. A robot piloted by Daisaku that I suspect is Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor)
  24. Daisaku and Gigantor know everything about the moves of the GinRei Robo
  25. Gigantor's small head
  26. Gigantor throws his fists up and roars

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