Gallery (167k)--Giant Robo icons for your PC. Very cool. Those little pictures of the characters you see on this site were made from these .ico files.

Giant Robo wallpaper (197k)--A desktop wallpaper made by MastaLock.

Giant Robo Screengrabs-Gin Rei Parody Episodes

These are all original shots taken by myself. Because of conditions please excuse any blurriness etc. in the pictures. Feel free to download these images and use them on your own site. Also, these pictures are not in chronological order. If you like what you see here I highly recommend buying the tape.

GinRei parody episode screenshots

Giant Robo Artbook Scans

These are scans from the Giant Robo: This is Animation art book. It contains full page color spreads, screenshots, and black and white sketches of the characters, robots, and backgrounds. (All images are the copyright of their original creators. Any places where the art seems messed up is totally the fault of the scanner. Most of these files are over 200 K in size.)

Other Images

Giant Robo comic--Sure it's stupid, but I couldn't resist posting it.

GinRei model #1 , GinRei model #2 , Swimsuit GinRei and GinRei in action pose

Vinyl figures of the cast of GR--You gotta see this! These are a Giant Robo fan's dream.

Super Robot Wars Alpha--GR in a Japanese playstation game. I think this qualifies as a "Little Robo".

Giant Robo fights something--What robot is that?

Big Fire, Youshi, Ivan, Neptune, Uranus, Kenji--Pictures courtesy of Gordon Sutton.

A picture of Cervantes

"Giant Robo" written in Japanese katakana.

A Giant Robo cosplay

A woman costumed as GinRei

Scans from the Giant Robo soundtrack CDs:
Giant Robo OST 2--
front cover
Giant Robo OST 3--
front cover, back cover
Giant Robo OST 4--
front cover, back cover, disc
Giant Robo OST 6--
front cover, booklet
Giant Robo OST 7--
front cover
All 7 CD covers

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