The blue bomber...


...versus GR-1!

Clash of the titanium titans!


Rivals of destiny! Yeah right.  Maybe for a day or two.


Daisaku spurs Robo into action!


Ain't he cute when he's mad?


I sense a small size discrepancy here.


Knowing how many games Mega Man's lived through, Robo decides not to take any chances! In case you've never played a Mega Man game, E-tanks refill Mega Man's energy bar.


Mega Man shoots his pellet gun! That's a scary thought.


It sure does, Mega Man.  It sure does.


Thank you for playing!  Presented by CAPCOM.


It's Dr. Wily! Don't you just wish you could slap Komei for every time he says this?



Background midi is Rockman's theme from Marvel vs. Capcom.

Get me outta here!