The Giant Robo Gang:

Big Fire

The Magnificent Ten

Hanzui, the Evil Messiah--Hanzui is the leader of the Magnificent Ten, and he comes off as being a wise and noble person. He obviously cares about Sunny and is often at odds with Komei. Hanzui wears a light pink cape over his business suit.

Shocking Alberto (Lord Alberto, Alberto of Impact)--Alberto is very powerful (as are all of the Ten), able to create shockwaves from his hands and light his cigar with a thought. He wants revenge on Taisou for the death of his friend Cervantes and the loss of his right eye. He wears a metal patch over where his right eye would be that he uses as a communications and tracking device. Alberto resents Genya's authority in the current operation and how Genya orders him around without explaining the point of his actions.

The Fabulous Fitzkarald--Fitz is very dangerous in that he can slice things in half (including humans) by merely snapping his fingers! He's a bit of a showman and has a lively way of speaking.

Mask the Red (Red Mask)--A ninja wearing a red mask. He lets his robo Big Gold do the dirty work for him in episode 6. He carries a sword.

Old Man Kawarazaki--Old he may be, but that makes him no less powerful than the others. In episode 6 he creates a kite which he and Yuuki ride on.

Jujoji--Jujoji's weapon is a bell. By ringing it, he can sap the life from his oppenent and add it to himself.

Zangetsu (Sungetsu)--The man with the funniest hat in the anime (you know he's tough, 'cuz he wears that hat), Zangetsu doesn't exhibit his power in the anime (other than running fast) and he is caught by Neptune in episode 6.

Yuuki--The bug lord. He has a white face and is kind of slouched. He has the ability to control insects, and even turn into an insect himself (actually a small version of himself with moth wings).

Doki (Kido)--Doki is a warrior who fights with a pole that can break into connected segments. He commands the Keppu-Ren footsoldiers.

Cervantes--Alberto's friend, dead before the events of the story. He appears in Daisaku's flashback in episode 5 to command GR-2 against the newly awakened GR-1 (Giant Robo). He can cause fire effects with his hands and is easily recognized by his red goggles, the little Dr. Wily skull (that's a Mega Man referece if you didn't know), and the white sheet over his head.

Other members of Big Fire

Big Fire--Big Fire himself is the unquestioned leader of the organization of the same name. All of the Magnificent Ten serve him. He is highly mysterious, and we are treated to only brief glances of him in the latter episodes. He appears as a boy with silver hair. His powers are unknown, but they are suspected to be enormous.

Genya--A major character, Genya is bent on collecting the three anti-Shizuma samples, which have the power to cause normal Shizuma drives to malfunction and stop. He is driven on by his desire for revenge--but for what? Genya is a ruthless man with his own agenda, and will exterminate anyone who gets in his way (which he does quite effectively with the Eye of Vogler). Note: In the English version of episode 6, Komei states that "no one should question [Genya's] leadership capabilities as one of the Magnificent Ten" implying that Genya may be Magnificent Ten, but he is not referred to as being such elsewhere.

"Q Boss"--He controls the green caterpillar-like robot in episode 1 and looks like a Big Fire agent with a red sock over his head.

Cho-Katsu Komei--Big Fire's master strategist. He's basically a scheming, conniving scoundrel, and the other characters are merely his "players". He carries a Chinese fan and can cause a fireball to appear over it (which he uses for show, not for attack).

Ivan the Terrible--This loser seems to serve under Lord Alberto. He is Russian and has a bizarre speaking voice, and is generally a nasty, annoying guy. His hometown was destroyed directly due to the Tragedy of Bashtarlle. He has the power to move at blinding speed. Ivan is recognized by his very long nose (he could hit someone in the face with that thing!).

Sunny the Magician--Sunny is a little girl who looks to be about Daisaku's age. She is Alberto's daughter and said to be psychically linked to her father at all times. She calls Hanzui "uncle" but whether or not Hanzui and Alberto are brothers, I don't know.

Ko-Enshaku--He acts as a bodyguard for Genya, Komei, and earlier on for Alberto. He is swift and powerful, attacking with a sword or a whip, and can withstand severe punishment. But, what is he? Is he no more than his red cape and armor, which covers every part of himself? Is he some kind of ghost warrior? Or is he a human with a double-jointed neck? He says nothing at all and his masked face gives no expression.

The Keppu-Ren (Kempu Clan)--A band of about ten pole fighters who all dress the same (with straw hats) and serve under Doki's command. They sometimes all speak in unison.

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