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The International Police

Welcome to my extensive listing of the characters and robots of Giant Robo: The Animation. These pages are geared to be mostly spoiler-free.

The Experts of Justice

Daisaku Kusama--The 12-year old boy who happens to own the wristwatch that controls the world's most powerful robot! However, this is hardly fun and games. Robo's power is a huge responsibility. Daisaku feels that he should use Robo to help the world, as his father wanted him to, and it pains him to see Robo not work. Daisaku also sometimes feels that he is just a helpless kid and nothing without the robot, and it makes him frustrated. He is also a little nieve, being young. He admired the clean energy of the Shizuma drive until he learned of its dark past.

Chief Chujo--He is the head of the Peking branch of Experts and gives the others their missions. Chujo is also a member of the Kyuu Dai Tennou ("nine great kings of heaven", known as the Big Nine in the English translation, of which Chujo and Taisou are members). His calm, collected exterior hides an enormous power.

Professor Go ("Star of Wisdom")--He is also usually calm and analytical, but there is something about the Shizuma drive that periodically makes him quite upset. He knows a great deal about the drives and is usually found at the base with Chujo. He carries a pair of fans which have defensive use in battle.

GinRei ("Silver Bell")--One of the three female characters in the anime, GinRei is a good shot with a gun, and plays a significant role in the scheme of things. Tetsugyu has a crush on her but she easily resists him. GinRei also feels sympathy for Daisaku and is supportive of him.

Taisou ("Godly Walker")--Taisou is both wise and powerful, and he has a pretty easygoing persona. He is able to generate an electrical force in his body. He is both a sort of father-figure or mentor for Daisaku and Tetsugyu's chum. Taisou and Alberto have a strong rivalry between them because Alberto blames him for the death of Cervantes and the loss of his own right eye, but they have a mutual respect for each other as well. Taisou is the husband of Youshi.

Tetsugyu ("Iron Ox")--He likes to call himself the Black Whirlwind. Tetsugyu is big and loud and has a pair of throwing axes on chains as weapons. He doesn't like Daisaku, saying that it's unfair for a kid to get so much of the credit. However there was a sad event in his past similar to Daisaku's.

Youshi ("Blue Face")--She is Taisou's wife, and is tall and strong and has light blue skin. She motivates the other characters and acts as their leader in episode 4. Youshi's weapon is a long staff.

Issei--A monk-type character who uses wards and illusions. He can even transform himself into animals! He is often partnered with Youshi and adds tricks to back up her attacks (such as creating a false image of her) but he can stand on his own as well.

Kenji Murasame--He wears a pink trenchcoat and fedora (and pink socks too; if you're observant you can spot them in the first episode) and has the famous "amoeba hair". In the English version of Giant Robo he has a (somewhat unconvincing) French accent, since he is an Expert in the Paris IPO branch. Kenji gets information by secretly infultrating Big Fire's ranks, and he has a very special power of his own. He also has a social relationship with GinRei, but the anime doesn't go into any great detail about it.

Other members of the International Police Organization (IPO)

Koushin--This leader (who looks a lot like Ko-Enshaku except that Koushin is obviously human) has a strong sense of honor and duty, but he can seem gruff and humorless because of it. When he gives an order, he expects it to be followed promptly. In episode 7 Koushin slaps Daisaku because Daisaku refused to order Giant Robo to attack the Eye because GinRei was inside.

Kaei--An expert archer who puts Robin Hood to shame. Seems to be chummy with Koushin, but Kaei is more humane.

Kaiho--One of the two IPO members who dress in tigerskins and fight with a staff.

Kaichin--The other of the two tiger warriors. They are usually seen together and in episode 7 create a net between themselves to trip up the Keppu-Ren.

Shutsu--He was the pilot of the rescue helicopter in episode 5, and in episode 7 he attacked the Keppu-Ren with a dagger. He wears a red cap and has a little mustache.

The fishermen brothers (Gen brothers)--Three almost identical twin brothers. They have "powers of resonance" which they call into play by each beating a small drum/gong. In episode 7 they use their powers to help maintain Go's barrier and later they are seen blowing up Keppu-Ren footsoldiers. They often speak in unison.

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