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Exploring the Web



RedEnvelope is a commercial/E-Commerce site because it offers goods (mainly gift items) such as gift baskets, jewelry and flowers to purchase online. The site is cleanly and attractively laid out.

Cinematronics Inc.

Cinematronics Inc. is a personal website, with pictures about vector based arcade games of decades past. The site seems unfinished.

One Look

I think that One Look is an educational or informational site. It's hard to classify because it is so simple. It allows a user to input a word and receive the meaning from several online dictionaries as well as the site's own definition. Basically an online dictionary.

Wurlitzer Jukebox Company

Wurlitzer Jukebox is an informational site. It contains pictures and a wealth of information about Wurlitzer-brand jukeboxes which could be useful to collectors. The jukeboxes are not available to be purchased directly from the website even though the information on how to go about purchasing one is there.

The New Batman-Superman Adventures

The New Batman-Superman Adventures is mainly an informational site, as it contains bios for the cartoon's characters and episode summaries. However it also contains games like an entertainment site, and the content seems focused towards a younger audience. is an entertainment site, that is loaded with Flash games and movies that can be played right on the website.