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The Giant Robo Gang:

The Robots

Note: All the robots (with the exception of Giant Robo) are on Big Fire's side and are therefore "bad" (but they're robots and just following orders, so who can blame 'em?).

Giant Robo--The namesake of the anime is controlled by Daisaku Kusama via a special communications wristwatch. Robo is hailed as "the strongest robot in the world" and he is always a force to be reckoned with. He mainly attacks by punching (his fists cause devestating damage) but he also has a huge payload of missiles which fire from the red 'strips' on and between his shoulders. In addition he has cannons on his waist and can flip his right rocket engine over his shoulder to form the insanely powerful Robo Bazooka. (If Robo has any weakness it's that he's not very agile in the foot department.) However in episode 3 Robo puts up a forcefield to block Uranus' attack (and he shields his face with an arm, cute). Giant Robo is blue and red and has an obvious Egyptian pharoah motif. Throughout the series Robo surprises us with his dedication and protectiveness of his master Daisaku. More about Robo can be found at The Old Reactor.

GR-2--This robot fought Giant Robo in Daisaku's flashback in episode 5. It took orders from Cervantes and had a big crescent blade on its head, which it used in its hit-and-run attacks. GR-2 was able to move very fast underwater and it could also blast its fists off for some long distance punches.

Green caterpillar (name unknown)--A robot that doubles as a train and takes orders from Q Boss. It has a large drill on the front. It chased after GinRei and Tetsugyu in episode 1, but with a punch, a kick, and another shattering punch Giant Robo sent it to the junkyard.

Uranus--Ivan's robot, Uranus hassles Giant Robo early in the series. It looks like a round, primitive sculpture with small arms and no real legs. Its 'head' can detach and conveniently transform into a big red automobile. It can shoot lasers from its eyes (its headlights) or attack by ramming. Uranus has the honor of being the only robot in the series that crossed Giant Robo and lived to fight another day (unless you count the Eye).

Garon's head (see below)--It's green and looks pretty much like a big frog's head, and floats around on its own. It takes orders from Genya and can blast its eyes out of their sockets (!) and can vaccuum things into its mouth.

Big Gold--A golem-like robot which seems to be totally made out of stone. It takes orders from Red Mask, who rides along in its chest.

Neptune--A powerful robot with a distinctive head (appears to have 'horns') that patrols the sea like a great submarine. It carries a gigantic anchor around and can walk up onto land if it feels like it. It has a covering of canvas and kelp on its head. Neptune is said to take orders exclusively from Big Fire himself.

Galuda--Flying bird/dinosaur with bat-like wings for arms. It is said to take orders exclusively from Big Fire himself.

Achilles--Not a robot at all, but a weird black panther-like creature which can morph into a liquid. It is very good at entrapping people in itself.

The Eye of Vogler--A tremendous black metal sphere with an eye on it. It is driven by Genya and has several abilities. Powered by the three anti-Shizuma devices, the Eye can send out an "anti-field" which causes all normal Shizuma drives to malfunction and stop (and explode, levitate, and do other crazy things). After draining the energy of the drives it has enough power to instantly wipe out an entire city. The Eye floats along on its own (somehow).

Flying pointy-headed robot (name unknown)--A strange robot which looks as if it's wearing the pointy hat of the Big Fire agents who swear allegiance in the opening animation to each episode. It has a cylindrical body and skinny arms and legs and drops bombs. It is seen in both the introductory opening animation to certain episodes and episode 6.

Fire the Second--A robot that sort of appears to have Dr. Shizuma's hairdo in metal form (it's actually rather cool). It has huge Shizuma drives attached to its back and is seen in both the opening animation and episode 6.

VL2--Angry looking robot which can shoot lasers from turrets on its shoulders. It is seen in both the opening animation and episode 6.

Bacchus--A gray robot with a sort of rectangular jaw. It's shown slicing an airship apart with its eye lasers. This robot and many others are seen only in the opening animation.

BlackOx--A black robot with glowing white eyes, seen in the opening only.

Gaia--A gold-colored robot somewhat resembling Giant Robo that flings a lot of sparkles at the screen. Seen in the opening only.

Garon--A dark robotic sea serpent, seen in the opening animation only. However its head detaches to appear in episode 5.

GR-3--A gray robot with wings and drills in its fingers, seen in the opening only.

Frankenstein rip-off (name unknown)--Looks a lot like Frankenstein, seen in the opening only.

Yellow robot with spikes (name unknown)--It has a sort of round body and smirking face, and spikes pop out of it making it as prickly as a porcupine. Seen in the opening only.

Roby--Little squirt of a robot, black and sort of alien-looking, seen in the opening animation only.

Titan--Light blue robot with sad expression, pictured lifting an entire battleship out of the ocean, seen in the opening only.

Uraneus (not to be confused with Uranus)--A big scowling head. It is controlled by Old Man Kawarazaki and can influence the weather. Personally I think it's eerie and it always scares the crap out of me. Seen in the opening only.

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