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The Giant Robo Gang:

The Belgium Team

Dr. Shizuma--This scientist, with his four colleages, invented the Shizuma drive near Belgium ten years before the events of the Giant Robo story. The drive was the perfect energy source, efficient and non-polluting, and soon everything in the world, from airplanes to cigarette lighters to giant robots, used it. Dr. Shizuma was hailed as a hero, but at the start of the anime he is a nervous wreck and mentally unstable. It seems he knows something about the Shizuma drive that the rest of the world does not...

Dr. VonVogler (Fogler, Folger)--Vogler went down in history as the one who caused the Tragedy of Bashtarlle--An explosion involved with the first Shizuma drive prototype system that wiped out a country and killed a third of the world's inhabitants. He is presumed to have died in the blast, but he turns up early in episode 1, apparently out for some kind of revenge. Is Vogler still alive, and what does he hope to accomplish if he is?

Dr. Duncan--He and the two others below also worked on the drive with Shizuma and Vogler ten years in the past. Little information about them is given, and all three are killed by Big Fire at the start of the Giant Robo animation. I believe Dr. Duncan is the tall one.

Dr. Shimure--See above. I believe he's the squat one.

Dr. Trumbeaux--See above. I believe he's the bald one.

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